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In her classes Uta is guiding you through a dynamic vinyasa flow practice. Her classes are flowy, sometimes challenging, and sweaty but most important: fun and based on the joy of moving. The sequences are eighter build around a peak pose, a physical or philosophical topic and always contain asana, pranayama and meditation. Uta loves to include her own experience on and off the mat – because she only teaches what she experienced herself. Besides moving and breathing to a well-selected playlist, you will also use your own voice whilst chanting to the sounds of the harmonium. 

Utas classes are designed for everyone – no matter if you have an established practice or if you are a fresh beginner. For Uta it´s important that everyone in her classes is safe – feeling your limits but not stepping over them. She is looking forward to seeing you in her classes soon!


UTAS classes at vea THURSDAY 6PM - Vinyasa Flow
she is also teaching at Yoga on the Move
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