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Michael's classes at vea 


He is also teaching at LAGOA


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I first discovered yoga in the late 90s while I was studying  at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute  in London.

Since then my teaching has been an evolution of my own practice and a journey into self love.

I lived in India for almost 2 years studying yoga at its source and traveled the world to explore yoga in Goa, Mysore , Koh Samui and Tokyo.

I practice and teach how to create pleasure in the body, using movement, breath and voice ( throat chakra) to release stored up emotions and energy held in the body.



Since 2018 I have been practicing movmeant therapy with Tamara Levinson aka Cuchira, who has helped me to evolve to teach, work and think outside the box or even better to get rid of the box completely.


I was teaching in London from 2008 and Im currently based in Berlin.

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