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I started practicing yoga in 2002 and have been (officially) teaching Vinyasa yoga since 2016 (unofficially since 2011). I have tried many styles of yoga but kept gravitating back to Vinyasa. I love how creative and interchangeable the sequences, pace, and difficulty levels can be, while still allowing, progress, and exploration. I am continuously learning and practicing meditation, pranayama, and sequencing to offer you a beneficial and fulfilling practice.


My classes are energetic, lighthearted, and accompanied by hand-picked playlists. You might be challenged to try something new, while not taking yourself too seriously. My goal is to offer you a practice that is safe and accessible while leaving room for challenges and opportunities to grow and discover your own strength.

Due to my own challenges with the knee joints, I try to offer a practice that is sustainable for students with knee issues.

I teach in English, but we can also chat in German and Polish.


Besides teaching yoga, I am a graphic designer, a hobby photographer, crazy cat lady, plant enthusiast, and a passionate cook.


Looking forward to practicing with you!

Koko is teaching Thursday 8:00 am at vea

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