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can I bring my bike into the backyard?

yes, but make sure to bring it all the way into the 2nd backyard - we want to keep the neighbors happy

do I need to register in advance?

are there mats / props?

we do have mats, but please bring your own if possible - blocks can be used

are you offering classes through USC?

Most of our classes are also accessible through Urban Sports Club. We also offer a Studio flatrate and class packages, you can buy through fitogram.

how do I join an online class?

what are the guidelines for Covid 19?

We are currently operating under 2G + regulations. Which means you need to be vaxxinated or recovered and additionally provide a negative test result (24hr valid) - we know this is inconvenient, but we think it is the right thing to do to keep everone as safe as possible! Please stay at home if you feel unwell!

I have never attended a yoga class - can I come?

yes you can - maybe pick a shorter morning class or deep vinyasa flow - intermediate is probably the wrong choice. And please let the teacher know

can I rent the space for an event/workshop

can I become part of the team?

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