Hey there - I am Eva, the founder of vea STUDIO

I never really felt that I fit in the 'Yoga Scene' - first in NY and then in Berlin. Neither as a student nor a teacher. 


I teach a quite physical practice, for one, because that is what comes to me naturally, but also from my experience, how important it was for me to play my edges, to challenge myself to gain more confidence in my body and myself. Accept failure, not as defeat but an opportunity to grow.

Failing is one of the most valuable experiences in my opinion so we should do it as often as possible within a safe space, getting to know ourselves a bit better every time.

I am interested in how your body moves, how we can change patterns, how to feel more, sometimes better, sometimes uncomfortable! I believe in strong bodies over bendy ones! I am not interested in pushing you into a fancy asana for the sake of it. We will still practice them, but we will probably fail together (many times)

Let's be happy together, miserable, crazy, sad!

Let's feel all the feelings, let's dance, twerk, rave...

- there is beauty in failing - and in not fitting in ;)

Eva's classes at vea

Tuesday 8AM Morning Flow

Wednesday 6:15PM Intermediate Flow

Saturday 10:30 AM Weekend Flow

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