Hey there - I am Eva, the founder of vea STUDIO

I created this space in the midst of a pandemic - call me crazy : )

but this is also what makes this space different.

And different is maybe what describes us best!
although being drawn to Yoga for a very long time I never really felt that I fit in the 'Yoga Scene' - first in NY and then in Berlin. 

I finally found my place after doing a mentorship with Victoria Larsson of Swanmountain Yoga in 2018. Together with Carrie Svingen and Sarah King we founded SMK (Swanmountain Kollektiv). In September 2020 SMK disbanded, when Victoria left Berlin,

I founded vea STUDIO -with Carry and Sarah still on board - to continue and grow, what we hard started.

My aim was to create an inclusive space to welcome all people and make them feel comfortable and safe. I remember feeling very intimidated when I started practicing yoga. 

Personally I teach a quite physical practice, for one, because that is what comes to me more naturally. But also from my experience, how important it was for me to play my edges, to challenge myself to gain more confidence in my body and myself. accept failure, not as defeat but an opportunity to grow.

this doesn't mean at all that you have to succeed, that you have to be perfect.

There is so much to learn along the way. 

failing is one of the most valuable experiences in my opinion so we should do it as often as possible within a safe space. 

We are all on a path -and I am still VERY confused. I especially have a hard time relating to an exaggerated display of spirituality, It sometimes makes me uncomfortable or just plain feeling silly or I just CRINGE. Instead I will guide you through a physical practice that will help you to find yourself, your center and might touch onto the experience of something beyond.

as much as I am your teacher, you are also mine :) 

You won't find any quick fixes here, no instant solutions. What we are  trying to create is a space to explore, play, fail without being judged, grow, expand...

I would like this to be an inclusive place, creating a space for exchange between people, a place to learn, come together as a community welcoming everyone from long term Yogi to super uncomfortable beginner ( remember - I was you some time ago ) and fuck - I hated chanting! and yes, I still go to Berghain ( If it ever opens again )  

Let's be happy together, miserable, crazy, sad!

Let's feel all the feelings, let's dance, twerk, rave 

becoming ourselves just a tiny bit more day by day!

or not - remember - there is beauty in failing 

with love



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