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Hi there! I’m Daan. I’m a movement and embodiment teacher, here as a helping hand on your way to enlightening somatic insight by virtue of total but playful body confusion, initially.

After taking Pilates classes for a year I got hooked on yoga during my piano studies in Sweden and I became a hardcore Anusara yogi.
This all changed in 2017, where I had my first immersions in the workings of the Bowspring method. The concept of tensegrity (tension+integrity) was introduced into my movement practice and I stopped giving a tuck in my movement practice: 

• Shoulders were untucked and widened (and as a result my ribcage was liberated) 
• I gave permission for my bum to rise (untucked tail=no more tight hips for Daan=Yay!)
• I actually grew a few cm in my spine because of restoring the natural curvature of my spine. 

I continued this path and even certified as a Bowspring instructor, but soon decided that I didn’t want to restrict myself to a set way of doing things, and aimed for a more organic and fluid way of creating harmonic and resonant tensegrity movement that’s simultaneously creating a somatic opening. 

My goal is to create a space which is essentially a movement and embodiment research playground for adults. It is through movement and our experience of being a body that we get to learn so much about ourselves. Expect booty building, finding all the directions into which you can expand, to learn how to show up, and above anything else, good tunes and good people. c u soon!



DAAN is teaching at vea 


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