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Caro's classes at vea

Thursday 8 AM Gentle Vinyasa

Friday 6:15 PM Strong + Sweaty

Caro also teaches at 

Every Damn Day Yoga

find her on IG

Hi, I'm Caro!


I am a 500+ hrs certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. I don't believe in “the right alignment” or a one-fits-all solution in yoga! Instead of putting a stencil over you and your practice, I try to value each and everyone's individuality. We all have different bodies, that create different shapes and experiences in poses. If your Warrior II looks like your knee is falling in - fine by me! I will care about, which muscles you're firing though. ;)

To me movement and body control are a form of empowerment.
Seeing the effects of a consistent practice has made me more confident in my own abilities (physically and mentally) and I’d love to help you feel the same! I put a lot of effort into my class planning and use intelligent sequencing to progressively build and increase strength and flexibility.


Are you ready to feel your body move? I'll see you on the mat!

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